November 2008 - Senior Living Vancouver / Mainland


4  Forays in Fascinating Fiji

Aside from idyllic beaches and stunning
views, Fiji offers more for the active traveller.

8  The Joyful Horsewoman

In the world of horses, Joy Richardson’s
championship success is unmatched.

10  Don Mac’s

Don MacAllister shares his personal collection.

14  A Renaissance of Philanthropy
15  Celebrating A Life Well Lived
16  “This Land is Not to be Developed”
18  Tales My Mother Told Me

Over a million Canadians have a War Bride
in their family tree – this is the journey of one.

20  Canada’s Only Booktown

Vancouver Island’s Sydney is drawing
bibliophiles from far and wide.

26  You and Your RRIF

Reducing the risk to your RRIF during
market volatility.

28  Creative Composition

Author Paul Headrick combines his love of
music and his love of writing.


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