July And August 2007 Table Of Contents - Senior Living Magazine Victoria BC


2 Restorative Yoga
Back pain, chronic fatique or stress? This ancient practise may be the answer to what ails you.

6 A Wild Life
Wildlife ecologist Gillian Radcliffe hopes to bring some of her knowledge of birds to prey to others.

8 Achieving Milestones
The Canadian Academy of Senior Advisors recognizes Senior Living magazine with the Award of Merit.

12 A Writer's Life
Doctor cum novelist Roy Innes has finally found time to put pen to paper.

14 Kidney Failure
Holly Rowland shares her journey with humour and good nature into a world she never thought she':d visit.

16 A Cinderella Story
Artist Tine Andriessen has been unwavering in her commitment to a life of art.

18 Choosing a Denturist
Get your questions answered before you purchase dentures.

20 In My Backyard
Kelly Murphy adds spirituality and adventure to her beautiful garden.

24 The Sinking of the Bismark
As a former crewmember of HMS Dorsetshire, Walter Fudge remembers the historical day they went into battle.

32 Senior Living Character
Nicki Graham follows her own life advice - "get out and do it."


10 Victoria's Past Revisited
Victoria's Favourite Ghost

38 Tasty Traditions
Fond memories and heritage recipes

46 Author
Ron Chudley


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