June 2007 Table Of Contents - Senior Living Magazine Victoria BC


2 Stewardship
Proposal for walkable communities in the Capital Region and on Vancouver Island.

6 Creative Retirement
Nanoose Bay resident Mike Yip's interest in Vancouver Island birds led to a creative outlet in retirement.

12 Indomitable Centenarian
Hilda Hale celebrates a full, productive, well-travelled life.

16 Moving Forward
Moving house is the perfect time to reassess belongings and clear the clutter.

18 Volunteers in the Global Village
Vancouver Island knitters put their talents to use for distant neighbours.

20 In My Backyard
Condo dwellers keep their hands dirty by pitching in to make their common garden come alive.

24 Many Lives of Merrill
Retired professor Bill Merrill glides through retirement by pursuing new interests and activities.

29 It's Not Too Late
There's still plenty of time for competitors and volunteers to get involved in this year's BC Senior Games.

30 One Day at a Time
Valerie Green shares lessons learned through her caregiving journey.

40 Berry Boost
Summer berries aren't just delicious - they're excellent for your health too.


10 Victoria's Past Revisited
Dr. John Sebastian Helmcken

38 Tasty Traditions
Fond memories and heritage recipes

46 Author
Ken Merkley


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