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With the international success of social media websites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter , etc.), being tapped into these networks can prove to be a goldmine of great exposure, viral  marketing and a great way to build brand trust within your audience target. Because social media marketing is still a fairly new concept, many businesses are confused as to what to use it for- many are reluctant to try to implement it as a marketing tool and many have gone to the other extreme and have abused its power; both running the possibility to be detrimental to your brand and business. The following 5 tips are quick and easy, do-it-yourself ways on how to effortlessly set-up, manage and control your social media.

  1. Pull Traffic to your Website and Promotions
    This is an important one and pretty straight forward. The point of your social media should always be to lead people back to your main website. Profiles on your social media platforms will help you build a personality for your brand in the eyes of peers and clients but the goal really should be to drive viewers back to your webpage. This is important because your website is where you can control what information they get, how it is promoted and the overall experience. Promoting specific deals and coupons on these platforms is also a great and cheap way to give people current information and keep them interested in your business. Be careful though- there is a fine line between promoting and spamming.
  2. Provide Value
    Even though the first point was about website traffic and your own personal promotions, an overall commercially saturated profile will defer people from visiting and interacting with your page. People like buying, deals and specials but no one likes to feel like they are being pressured. The best way to get your promotions across and keep interest in your profile is to balance out your marketing approaches with other relevant content. Provide related articles, advice, comments and viral media to give your customers value. This ensures that they don’t feel pressured into continuously being sold to and will feel more comfortable to begin to build a stronger, more trusted relationship. Keep your profiles current and updated- people are not going to revisit a page with no new content. Write your own articles or direct your audience to interesting information in order to build yourself a reputation as a leading expert in your industry.
  3. Interact with your Audience
    One of social media’s amazing attributes is that it integrates you directly into your user’s social experience, allowing you to interact and communicate on a personal level with them. By having conversations and discussions, you can obtain vital information on your demographic (what marketing campaigns work and which ones don’t, what is important to your target, how to gain their loyalty) and build a strong personal relationship with them while getting great exposure. Don’t be afraid to reach out and directly interact with your audience!
  4. Network with Your Peers
    With both small and large businesses, it is important to have great connections within your group of peers and industry. Having a strong social presence online allows you to expand your networks beyond territorial restrictions and make global partnerships. With social media websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, it is easy to find contacts of other industry professionals and associations that could provide you with both the networks and advice needed in order to advance your business.  
  5. Be Consistent and Everywhere!
    If you’re going to go the social media way, make sure that you are everywhere on the internet. Create a profile with all the major players (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.) and know the differences and functionality of each site. You don’t exist if your users can’t find you online. Don’t rely on them to hunt you down or put any effort into finding you.

Providing a social media presence for your business, at first, might seem daunting and confusing, especially if you are unfamiliar with the platforms in the first place. As the internet becomes more and more of an integrated influence in our lives, it is essential to access the possibilities of what social media can do for your business.

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