November 2008 - Senior Living Vancouver Island


6  Early Retirement

Island couple sells their home,
business and all their worldly
possessions to seize their day.

14 Cadet to Officer

Former Royal British Engineer Ted
Dew-Jones recalls his coming-of-age
story in 1947 England.

16  Celebrating a Life Well Lived
18  A Renaissance of Philanthropy
22  “This Land is Not to be Developed”
28  To Give

CFAX Santas Anonymous’s tireless
administrator Dusty Cunningham.

34   You and Your RRIF

Reducing the risk to your RRIF during
market volatility.

37  Leaving a Legacy? Start By Updating Your Will

The most important document you
will ever sign – make sure your Will
is in order.

38  Fascinating Fiji

There’s more to this island paradise
than blue waters and white sandy
beaches – a lot more!


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