June 2008 - Senior Living Vancouver Island

6 Tall Ships Return
Over two dozen tall ships from around the world will sail in to Victoria this month to celebrate her maritime heritage.

12 Desire for Excellence
Internationally renowned artist Dr. Pat Martin Bates brings light out of darkness.

14 Live from Chemainus
Volunteers work behind the scenes to help keep Chemainus's popular theatre alive.

16 Still Learning
Marine biologists Phil Lambert and Gord Green retired from their positions at the Royal BC Museum - sort of?

18 A Win-Win Situation
For Michelle Young, a little determination went a long way to help abused women.

22 Star Power
Not just for sun worshippers, Hawaii is a big draw for star gazers too!

28 Snoring Problem?
More than a social issue, snoring can become a health issue.

30 Into the Swim
Swimming is an exercise that gives the whole body a gentle, beneficial "tune-up".

32 Row, Row, Row!
Connie Hickok rowed 150 nautical miles along the coast of the Island - in a dinghy!

40 Ream Realized
Retired Lt.-Cmdr Ed Falstrem's childhood dream of becoming a submariner continues to flicker - even in retirement.

42 Downtown Landmark turns 100
With equal measure of nostalgia and good humour, Glenshiel residents celebrate their centennial.

46 Red Tomatoes
Author Les MacNeill turned a frightening and potentially fatal experience into a story of hope and renewal.



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