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Poster Boy for Retirement

By Kiana Karimkhani on Dec 1, 2016

When Craig Bassett and his wife retired to the Comox Valley from North Vancouver six years ago, he had never been in a kayak and didn’t own a bike. In the years since (and a few higher quality bikes later), Craig is at the front lines of numerous cycling events. Read more...

The People I Married

By Nadine Jones on Nov 16, 2016

Twenty-eight years in Richmond and the first year in the north means thousands of weddings in very diverse places – and for very diverse people. Looking back on it, I realize how lucky I was for so many years, enjoying the privilege of being part of other people’s happiness. Read more...

The Second Time Around

By Lynne West on Nov 1, 2016

Joan and Charlie Pickerel are part of a growing number of over-50 adults who made the difficult choice to leave long-term and unfulfilling marriages. But if leaving was so hard, what made them choose marriage the second time around? Read more...

Walking the Talk

By Kristi Dobson on Nov 1, 2016

Robin began a career in which she could help others reach their own personal financial wealth. For her, though, personal wealth also means an investment in time spent volunteering, fundraising and giving back. Read more...

Realizing Philanthropic Goals through Smart Giving

By Sandra Dow on Nov 1, 2016

It doesn’t take great wealth to make an impact. While large donations that can merit a donor’s name on a hospital wing or school program are impressive – and, admittedly, extremely powerful – it is the modest generosity of most Canadians that quietly carries charitable giving forward in Canada. Read more...

Filling the Gap

By Diane Madson on Nov 1, 2016

University of Victoria's CanAssist came to my attention in May. I was intrigued by the concept of an organization functioning within a university in order to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities. Read more...

Live Long and Prosper

By Richard B. Johnson on Nov 1, 2016

In British Columbia, the legislation that sets out these protections is the BC Human Rights Code. The Code is a relatively comprehensive document that outlines our protections from discrimination in major aspects of our lives. One of the most important protections contained in the Code is the protection from being subject to discrimination because of our age. Read more...

Trolling in Norway

By Alan G. Luke on Nov 1, 2016

Are they merely mythological Scandinavian characters or are they unique beings living among the Norwegian population? I was determined to get on the trail of the illusive yet ever-present trolls to find out. Read more...

The Price of Freedom

By Hans Tammemagi on Nov 1, 2016

At 95, former Flying Officer Howard R. Armstrong lives quietly in Victoria, BC. Although he moves slowly and has hearing problems, he is an iconic gentleman, one of the few veterans of the Second World War still with us. Read more...

7 Tips to Stay Active Over 55

By Lorne Marr on Oct 26, 2016

Fitness can be challenging for everyone and, at a certain point in your life, it may feel like you’ve missed the boat. But, as long as you take the proper steps, and are truly committed to living an active life, there is no age limit. Below there are seven tips to help you get out and get active. Read more...

My Icelandic Stopover

By Julie H. Ferguson on Oct 3, 2016

I had been excited ever since I discovered that IcelandAir began flying non-stop from Canadian hubs, including Vancouver, in June 2014. Two months later, I took advantage of their generous stopover policy and explored the north and south of Iceland for 10 days en route home from Scotland. Read more...

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