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Healthy Skin & Hair Food Practices

By Eve Lees on Jan 1, 2016

Your health is most noticeable by the condition of your hair and skin. Many factors contribute to inner and outer health. The food you eat is only one of them, but a very important one. Here are a few ideas to feed your hair and skin from the inside out. Read more...

Sympli Stunning

By Bobbie Jo Reid on Jan 1, 2016

Who among us hasn’t dreaded purchasing new clothes? Updating a wardrobe or buying a new outfit for a special event ought to elicit feelings of excitement and renewal. Sadly, the emotions it evokes too often fall on the darker side of the spectrum. Whether it’s a dearth of suitable options or a deluge of body-image qualms, for some women, shopping for the “perfect” ensemble can be a perfect nightmare. Fashion designer and owner of The White House Design Company in Burnaby Jan Stimpson was one of those women.  Read more...

Spring 2016 Fashion: Breaking Boundaries

By Teresa Lindsay on Jan 1, 2016

In the wake of Vancouver Fashion week, I felt inspired and was reminded how fashion reflects our times. When we discuss the past, visual images and old photographs lend context to what influenced a particular generation. Today, our world is looking at issues from new angles and perspectives. Read more...

Dutch Treat

By John Thomson on Dec 1, 2015

We had decided to treat ourselves to a two-day layover between Spain and Canada and because it was a spontaneous decision, we hit Amsterdam without consulting the guidebooks, travelling rough, you might say, and learning about the city on the fly. Here is our list of DOs and DON’Ts for travellers with a limited amount of time at their disposal. Read more...

All in the Family

By John Thomson on Dec 1, 2015

Talk about bonding through a common interest. Kelowna grandmother Donna Nicholas and her daughter, Linda, are cycling buddies, united in a common activity and pursuing a similar goal - to be the best they can be. Read more...

Getting More ZZZs

By Elizabeth Godley on Dec 1, 2015

Studies have shown sleep is important for learning and memory, and the sleep-deprived brain does not consolidate new learning as well, resulting in memory impairment. The good news is that we can improve our sleep. Read more...

More Than Meets the Eye

By John Thomson on Nov 2, 2015

Jim attributes his plucky, life-affirming attitude to his Catholic parents and a warm and stable upbringing in St. Louis, Missouri. Religion factored in his home life; his cousin was a nun, but music figured prominently, too. Read more...

Building an Orphanage in Tanzania

By Ally Tammemagi on Nov 1, 2015

Several months ago, I decided to take a holiday that eschewed hedonism and let me make a difference while also learning about an exotic part of the world. Together with a friend, Judy, from Oakville, Ontario, I signed up for a 17-day voluntourism trip. Read more...

The Chief Reindeer

By Karoline Cullen on Nov 1, 2015

Operation Red Nose (ORN) is widely supported in communities across Canada and in several European countries. It began in 1984 in Quebec City as a fundraiser for Laval University’s swim team. Read more...

Empowering People

By Bev Yaworski on Nov 1, 2015

According to The Arthritis Society, about 4.6 million Canadians are living with arthritis. There are over 100 different types of arthritis and the disease affects people of every age, from every walk of life Read more...

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