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Restoring the Gift of Sight

By John Thomson on May 1, 2016

Dr. Hugh Parsons, chief of surgery at Surrey Memorial Hospital, chafes at being called a miracle worker, but to 67-year-old Don Carter and others like him, BC’s pre-eminent eye surgeon is definitely a hero. Read more...

Protein Needs as You Age

By Eve Lees on May 1, 2016

Aging can negatively affect muscle mass and strength, but that’s not a big concern for older adults who remain active. A 75-year-old who continues to exercise and eat healthy can have more muscle and muscular strength than a sedentary 45-year old. Read more...

Invest in Yourself

By Pat Nichol on May 1, 2016

I wrote and spoke recently about loneliness and how it affects many people. Interestingly, it affects not just those of us of a certain age, but people of all ages. Read more...

Pack Your Bags!

By Wendy Johnstone on May 1, 2016

Travelling is an activity many British Columbians relish. Most would agree travelling when healthy is the best way to fully enjoy the experience, however, when medical conditions or mobility challenges are present, it can still be a wonderful adventure. Read more...

Attached to Nature

By Hans Tammemagi on May 1, 2016

An elephant with a deeply creased grey hide, flapping ears the size of blankets, and menacing tusks loomed before me. The dry heat and dust of Africa rose around us. I was nervous and felt vulnerable, even though I was only standing in front of a painting. Read more...

A Gathering of Eagles

By Chris & Rick Millikan on May 1, 2016

Fraser River tributaries fill with millions of spawning salmon. Thousands of bald eagles soon follow, attracted by this abundant food source. And like hundreds of other curious visitors, we check out the Fraser Valley’s Bald Eagle Festival in mid-November, the first of four weekends celebrating these returns. Read more...

Heart-driven Hippy

By Hans Tammemagi on May 1, 2016

If there is one word that sums up the irrepressible Valdy, it is “energy.” The smiling, impish, red-suspendered septuagenarian is constantly on the go. Read more...

55+ BC Games

By Brooke Campbell on Apr 1, 2016

The BCSGS (British Columbia Senior Games Society) offers this annual provincial competition and opportunity for all participants 55+ to compete in an organized sport, recreation, and cultural event promoting fitness, individual achievement, friendship and community pride. Read more...

More Than Just Dinosaurs

By Kate Robertson on Apr 1, 2016

As Canadians, usually when we want a good dose of history we travel to Europe or Asia, but a recent trip to the Badlands in southeastern Alberta proved to me that we have some rich history of our own worth exploring. Read more...

Tulip Time

By Chris & Rick Millikan on Apr 1, 2016

Packing light, we rack up our bikes and head for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. A comfortable Arlington base awaits us in Washington State, an easy drive south of the border. Read more...

Slow Food Inroads

By Joan Boxall on Apr 1, 2016

Slow Food is making inroads in British Columbia. And that’s just an appetizer. Unhurried and deliberate — the Slow Food Movement started in 1986 on the Spanish Steps in Rome in protest over the proposed site of a McDonald’s chain. Read more...

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