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Laneway Housing

By Janine Foan on Aug 3, 2016

With sky-rocketing real estate prices and a lack of rental units, laneway housing is becoming a viable option for many people. They go by several names: granny flats, garden suites or laneway house, to name a few. But what is a laneway house? Read more...

Exercising Your Personality

By Eve Lees on Aug 3, 2016

Choose an activity suited to your personality. You're more likely to enjoy it and therefore stick with it longer. Most of us realize this, but character traits are often overlooked when we're searching for exercise choices. Read more...

Mindfulness in Everyday Life

By Dr. Diane J. Salter on Aug 2, 2016

Mindfulness is the act of focusing attention on our experiences at the moment they are happening. This requires an attention to the external world around us as well as noticing our inner experiences and our emotional reactions. Read more...

The Advocate

By Gery Lemon on Aug 2, 2016

British Columbia seniors got a champion in their corner in 2014 when the government named Mackenzie as BC’s – and Canada’s – first Seniors Advocate. Read more...

Hands in the Dirt

By Kate Robertson on Aug 2, 2016

A significant number of Canadians say gardening is a hobby they are passionate about. Victoria Carleton of Slocan Valley, BC, has taken it one step further. Read more...

The ABC's of Accessorizing

By Kiana Karimkhani on Jul 1, 2016

“If the painting’s not finished, I don’t take it out into the world,” says Tziporah Salamon, 62, one of the subjects of the documentary, Advanced Style. The painting she is referring to is her attire, and what completes it are her accessories. Read more...

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