INSPIRED Senior Living is a monthly magazine distributed across British Columbia. We offer an extensive website to complement the magazine, and host two annual 55+ Lifestyle Shows.

INSPIRED Senior Living profiles the lives and achievements of people over the age of 55 living in British Columbia, Canada. Along with articles about active, successful individuals, the magazine offers special features on travel, fashion, housing, wellness and a variety of other topics relevant to our readers.

The mission of INSPIRED Senior Living is be a consistent ambassador of the enrichment and value people 55+ bring to our communities, and provide businesses with a targeted means to reach and create trusting relationships with this rapidly growing senior consumer group.

We acknowledge the transition people make as they move from their 50s into their 60s and beyond. Articles reflecting this lifestyle change are an integral part of the content.

INSPIRED Senior Living began in Victoria, BC in June 2004 as "Senior Living".  In 2015, we became "INSPIRED Senior Living" and changed the content to reflect less the "senior" perspective, and more the "inspired living" aspect. We continue to thrive and expand, achieving a BC wide monthly readership of 150,000 for the magazine, and over 20,000 for our website. Magazines are distributed in locations with high consumer traffic, such as grocery stores, libraries, pharmacies, etc.

Pharmasave Stores Begin Distribution of Our Magazine

Pharmasave joined as a major distributor of the magazine in all its stores throughout British Columbia in 2008

Amalgamating Two Magazines into One

For six years, starting November 2006, we published two magazines - one for the Vancouver Island market, the other for the Vancouver market. In March 2012,  the two magazines were amalgamated into one BC wide publication.

Half Hour Television Show - "Senior Living On Location"

In the fall of 2012, we launched a 13 episode television series on CHEK TV.  The half hour episodes feature a variety of active seniors and senior groups living life to the fullest. You can  CLICK HERE to view all the episodes.  About 50 segments were recorded for this series.

Social Media added to the Mix

In the fall of 2011, we added Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 

Internet Radio added to the Senior Living Website

In November 2011, Senior Living added a radio component to its website. You can now find four channels of enjoyable music ranging from the hits of the '50s, '60s and '70s to Country Classics.

Senior Expo Evolves into the 55+ Lifestyle Show

In 2005, Senior Living launched the Senior Celebration Festival in Victoria. This annual event evolved into the Senior Expo, and eventually became the 55+ Lifestyle Show in the fall of 2015 when we launched our first Vancouver event to complement our popular Victoria show. The shows provide an opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services to our readers in an environment where face to face connections inspired familiarity and trust.

And they are fun!  Each event has a different flavor, featuring presentations or themes that inspire and delight.  For example, the 2012 Senior Expo featured a Las Vegas-style entertainment theme. The Honeycrooners and Flashback Freddy provided music from the '50s, '60s and '70s. Also appearing were the Victoria Ballroom Dancers, a Laughter Yoga instructor, and a competition among local senior residence chefs for best appetizer. 

For information on the next shows:

CLICK HERE for information about the Shows

Book Publishers

In 2007, Stratis Publishing began publishing select books. The first, a compilation of writings by Senior Living’s popular columnist Gipp Forster, called Reflections, Rejections and Other Breakfast Foods is available for individual purchase from our online bookstore.

The second book called To Move or Not to Move? is an informative guide for BC seniors considering whether they should age in place or move to a different housing situation. This book was reprinted in January 2009. 7000 copies have been sold to date. It is available for individual purchase from our online bookstore. It is also available for purchase in bulk amounts by businesses, organizations and agencies who wish to provide their customers with this very comprehensive guide to senior relocation options. A new BC Edition was published in July 2017, and is now available to purchase as a Kindle ebook through Amazon.

Senior Living published a third book on behalf of author Valerie Green, called “Embrace the Journey.” This is a poignant story about a daughter caring for her aging parents and the challenges and blessings it presented. It is available for individual purchase from our online bookstore.


INSPIRED Senior Living is continually developing and expanding its website. To view current and past issues of INSPIRED Senior Living online, CLICK HERE.

Other sections include:

Business Directory - view a list of select businesses offering relevant products and services

Housing Directory - view a comprehensive list of senior residences across BC

Charity Directory - our readers are among the most generous contributors to charities. Find a worthy cause you can support.

Targeted Marketing to the 55+ Consumer

INSPIRED Senior Living is an inspirational monthly lifestyle publication that provides businesses with the opportunity to reach one of the most lucrative consumer groups today - the 55+ demographic.This demographic is growing at an exponential rate, their purchase power is enormous and they are buying not only in quantity, but quality. 50% of the adult population is over the age of 50. Researches have been saying for years that this is the demographic to target. The over 50 demographic holds over 70% of the wealth in Canada and the USA. In particular, the 55 - 75 years old woman is one of the most influential consumers today - often making decisions not only for her own family, but highly influential in the decisions relating to aging parents. If you would like to know more about our readers and how you can connect with this rapidly growing consumer group, CLICK HERE

Newsletters & Blogs

We are currently revising and reinventing this element. Stay tuned. We hope to soon have a blog for businesses as well as readers.


INSPIRED Senior Living has won 2 major awards for its community involvement and quality publication. In 2006, it won second place in the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Small Business category. In 2007, it won the Award of Merit from the Canadian Academy of Senior Advisors.


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