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Is Canadian Travel on Your Bucket List?

By Barbara Risto, INSPIRED Senior Living Publisher on Mar 4, 2014

Mature consumers (pre-seniors age 50-64, and seniors 65+) are taking the world of adventure by storm. Travel industry experts note that a growing number of older travelers are seeking more active and adventurous travel and, unlike previous generations of the elderly, tend to be more fit, action-oriented and far more receptive to adventure travel. Among the items on their bucket list is the intention to see more of Canada. Read more...

The Future of Marketing to Older Consumers

By Patrick Dixon on Oct 29, 2013

Whole generations of people of retirement age enjoying all kinds of adventurous activities that would have seemed very strange in the past. Older people are often very active, want to explore, learn new things, start new businesses, support new organisations. And even though they may not actually do all the things they think about doing, they want to know the possibility is there – maybe that there is a gym and a sauna at the hotel, that the resort has a couple of lively places which are open late at night and so on. Read more...

Correct Actions are like Blisters

By Greg Martin on Oct 3, 2013

In our previous article we identified that taking any action was the result and the combination of our desire and our risk tolerance (desire for an outcome over the risk of experiencing pain). We also considered that it is wise, before taking action, to understand at a detailed level the critical criteria required to establish and identify which correct action or best actions to take. Read more...

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