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Senior Housing Buying Trends for 2010

Fueled by the large boomer demographic, not only are seniors the fastest growing segment of Canada's population, but this is a consumer group in high transition when it comes to housing. In a recent Senior Living survey, about 42% of respondents said they would be buying property, selling or doing both, in the next five years. Read more...

Are You Ready to Serve Age 50+ Consumers?

Due to dramatic demographic changes around the globe and the aging of the baby boomer market, by 2008, companies in a range of sectors - including the consumer packaged goods, retail, financial service, healthcare, automotive, real estate and hotel and lodging business - will have to focus with ever greater savvy on serving the needs of a very different type of consumer: one that is age 50+ or older with shifting biological, psychological, social and economic characteristics, needs, and expectations. Read more...

How to Tap into the Aging Consumer Market

By 2008, the over-50 demographic market for Canada and the U.S will make up almost half of all consumer spending. This enormous shift in the purchasing power of older consumers will have significant implications for the consumer business and retail sector. Companies that understand how to cater to this demographic can tap into a growing market. Read more...

A Portrait of Seniors in Canada

By Statistic Canada on Aug 11, 2009

With millions of baby boomers knocking on the door, Canada's seniors are poised to become an even more heterogeneous crowd than they are today, according to a new statistical profile of people 65 years and over. The report suggests that over the coming years, what it means to be a "senior" could undergo an important re-assessment, especially as the baby boom generation turns 65. Read more...

Twitter for Businesses

Twitter is easy to join, it's free, and it's easy to use. But not so easy to use effectively when it comes to using it to benefit your business. Yet some businesses are finding a lot of success through Twitter. Here's 10 tips that can help you achieve that success. Read more...

Writing Effective Ad Copy

You're vying for the attention of consumers who are bombarded each day with advertisements from countless companies - some being your competitors. Knowing how to express yourself through your ad copy will attract customers and separate you from the pack. Read more...

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