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How to keep your business plan fresh

By News Canada on Apr 10, 2012

If your business plan has been collecting dust since you launched, it's likely time to refresh. Updating your business plan on a regular basis is critical for any business to stay relevant and be successful in the future. Read more...

Poll shows Boomers not content with aging prospects

By News Canada on Mar 23, 2012

As many as 85% of Boomers (people aged 45 to 64) say they are not content with their prospects of aging. This statistic was revealed in a recent poll from Revera a leading provider of seniors' care, accommodation and services. As the seniors of tomorrow, Boomers want a better aging experience than their parents and grandparents. Read more...

Busting 5 Prolific Advertising Myths

By Mathieu Powell on Feb 29, 2012

After spending ten years in the field of advertising, I’ve carefully noted the difference between an effective ad campaign and a dismal failure, so a blanket statement like this one irks me because it closes off any useful examination of why an ad is or isn’t working. Read more...

Treat your Business like your Child

By Mathieu Powell on Jan 13, 2012

You are small business owners and marketers who've just come through a tough year. 2011 has seen the unfolding of the American sub-prime crisis and the European debt crises, all of which has been hard to digest - an 'economic gastro-intestinal distress' if you will. Read more...

A Lifetime Approach to Better Fiscal Fitness

By Maja Begovic on Jan 12, 2012

To stay on the right track for each decade of your life, you need to stop moving your money problem around - raiding one pot to pay a debt in another pot. Start by stashing away your credit cards and live within your means all 31 days of this month. Read more...

Trendsetting Seniors?

When I hear the word “trendsetter” I think of a mid-twenty year old fashionista or an artsy musician paving the way by inventing and finding the latest fad, living the unobtainable lifestyle that no one wants to admit but everyone secretly wishes was theirs. If I had a large marketing budget, I undoubtably would have thrown a big chunk of it toward convincing these people to like my product... oh and don't forget about those easily influenced teeny boppers! As I become more and more educated on the topic of marketing to the 55 and older population, I find myself reorganizing and reassessing this prematurely conceived belief. This is precisely why you should never lay money down blindly on advertising or marketing without doing the research or contacting a professional. Read more...

Challenge Your Current Marketing Approach

By Jim Gilmartin on Aug 3, 2011

Marketing is in Crises That’s not news. The news is what is causing that crisis. Most know that these are harsh and unforgiving times in marketing. The ad business side of marketing had its worse year in history in 2001, and according to projections, further business decline in 2002 will give advertising its first -to-back negative growth years since the Great Depression. Everyone seems down on marketing. People are tuning out marketers’ messages as never before. Read more...

Child's play, no more: Seniors impact Social Media

It used to be that the social media realm was predominately ‘child's play', and by that I mean that it was a platform that was controlled by the youth; the tech savvy generation. These were the kids that were brought up with every natural sense plugged into some sort of electronic or synthesized device, while the rest of us watched, scratching our heads, hesitantly adjusting to the massive expansion of the global information highway. Read more...

Print Advertising and Your Business

By Steve Roberts on May 31, 2011

Anyone who spends a lot of time online may be unaware of the popularity of print media today. When you shop online, read the news online, and make use of online magazines, you don't really have time to pay much attention to advertising that is anywhere else. Despite the ease and speed with which one can find out all sorts of information online, print advertising is alive and well... thriving, in fact. Read more...

Don't Market to Seniors!

By Barbara Risto on May 10, 2011

Today's seniors are not stereotypical. They don't want to be put in boxes or herded in packs. They are very much individuals, thank you very much! And they are not giving up those things that they enjoy, regardless of what age they are! If you want to reach the senior consumer, your marketing approach may need to change. Read more...

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