34 Menopause Symptoms - the checklist

By Mary White, M.A., SPHR

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When you start to experience several of the 34 menopause symptoms, that's a good sign that you're starting to enter the phase of life often referred to as "the change".

Recognizing the Onset of Menopause

For women, menopause is a fact of life. As it approaches, women experience hormonal fluctuations that cause a wide variety of symptoms. For many women, hot flashes are the first indication that menopause is near. However, hot flashes are certainly not the only symptom of menopause.

Not all women experience the onset of menopause in the same manner. Some people begin to experience a few symptoms associated with menopause during their 30s, while others are largely asymptomatic throughout their 40s or even longer. Still other women experience many of the 34 menopause symptoms, often for an extended period of time.

A List of 34 Menopause Symptoms

  1. Allergies
    Some premenopausal women experience increased problems with allergies.

  2. Anxiety
    Women experiencing menopause often report increased feelings of anxiety and stress.

  3. Bloating
    Menopausal women often experience an increased occurrence of bloating symptoms similar to those associated with premenstrual syndrome.

  4. Breast tenderness
    During menopause, women often experience breast tenderness similar to that felt by pregnant women.

  5. Brittle nails
    The hormonal fluctuations associated with menopause can limit the body's ability to produce keratin, resulting in brittle fingernails and toenails.

  6. Body odor changes
    Hormonal changes can lead to increased perspiration and associated changes in body odor.

  7. Burning tongue
    Some menopausal women experience burning tongue pain as well as a similar sensation throughout the entire mouth area.

  8. Depression
    It isn't unusual for menopausal women to become depressed.

  9. Difficulty concentrating
    Some women experience concentration problems.

  10. Dizziness
    Menopausal women often experience unexplained dizzy spells.

  11. Electric shocks
    Some women report feeling electric shock sensations under their skin during menopause.

  12. Fatigue
    Overwhelming feelings of fatigue are among the most frequent and severe symptoms of menopause.

  13. Gastrointestinal problems
    Many people report an increase in various digestive problems (gas, cramping, and nausea) during menopause.

  14. Gum problems
    Some people experience increased problems with bleeding gums during menopause.

  15. Hot Flashes
    It's a fact that hot flashes are among the most common symptoms of menopause. A vast majority of women experiencing this symptom during menopause.

  16. Hair changes
    During menopause, many women observe an increase in facial hair and thinning of hair on other parts of their bodies.

  17. Headaches
    Early in menopause, women often begin to experience more frequent and more severe headache pain.

  18. Incontinence
    Menopausal women frequently experience bladder leakage and bladder control problems.

  19. Irregular, pounding heartbeat
    The feeling of a "running away" heartbeat is one of the most common menopause symptoms.

  20. Irregular menstrual cycle
    Menstrual irregularity is often the first sign that menopause is approaching.

  21. Irritability
    Menopausal women often become very irritable. This symptom is often closely tied to mood swings.

  22. Itchy skin
    For many women, one of the most annoying and constant symptoms of menopause is painful itching.

  23. Joint pain
    Many menopausal women experience increased joint pain and possibly arthritis.

  24. Loss of libido
    Many women experience a significant reduction in libido resulting from the hormonal fluctuations associated with menopause.

  25. Memory lapses
    Difficulty remembering things is a commonly reported symptom of menopause.

  26. Mood swings
    Menopausal women often exhibit extreme mood swings, ranging from bouts of crying to feelings of joy, for no apparent reason.

  27. Muscle tension
    During menopause, some women experience increased muscular pain and tension.

  28. Night sweats
    A large percentage of menopausal women report waking up in the middle of the night sweating. This is one of the most common symptoms of menopause.

  29. Osteoporosis
    This disorder almost exclusively impacts menopausal and post-menopausal women.

  30. Panic attacks
    For some women, the feelings of depression, irritability, and moodiness associated with menopause exacerbate to actual panic attacks.

  31. Sleep disorders
    It's very common for women to develop insomnia during menopause, which is often tied to the experience of night sweats and the extreme fatigue often experienced during menopause.

  32. Tingling extremities
    A large portion of menopausal women report feeling like they have bugs crawling on their arms and legs.

  33. Vaginal dryness
    Because estrogen levels drop during menopause, vaginal dryness is a common symptom.

  34. Weight gain
    Weight gain due to hormonal and metabolic changes is a serious concern for menopausal women.

The Experience Varies

The fact that you experience one of the 34 symptoms of menopause does not necessarily mean that you are beginning to go through it. The experience varies greatly from one person to another, so it's often difficult to pinpoint exactly when menopause is about to begin. However, as soon as you start to notice symptoms, it's a good idea to discuss what you are experiencing with your physician. This will allow you to start making proactive decisions about your health and regarding how you will handle the natural hormonal changes that every woman experiences as time goes by.

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I am 46 and I believe I the starting of the menapsuse I have nearly the symptoms and my anxiety has got a lot worse. And I have gained weight, I have been to Drs and he said that was going to blood tests in the new year . Is there anything you can take to help ?

Posted by Jo | December 16, 2017 Report Violation

I am 44 years old.I am experiencing night sweats, have gained a few Kgs weight in the last 6 months. My periods are irregular from past 3 years, sometimes no periods for 3 months, sometimes getting periods within 20 days and so on. Off late no periods for the past 4 months and am experiencing most of the menopausal symptoms.

Posted by Moushumi | December 13, 2017 Report Violation

Hello everyone, I too also is in the same boat. I am 34 years old and started having menopausal symptoms in my mid-20s. From night sweats, mood swings, easily irritable, difficulty falling asleep, brittle nails, dry skin, itches, even the vaginal discharge which they say is normal . What is most heartbreaking to me is being told that I would never have children. Especially not having any children now. It's a different story if one did not want children but to be told that it is impossible is devastating. I have my moments when I feel down (depress) and cried my eyes out but I continue to pray. I have apologized to friends and family for my mood swings and just take a deep breath. But one thing for sure is menopause will not get the best of me. Stay positive because there's always an end to a journey.

Posted by Cynthia | October 5, 2017 Report Violation

I am 47 yrs old and continuously awaken at from severe night sweats. The heat radiates thru my entire body. My scalp feels as if I'm being pricked wit a buck of little needles. My period comes every 3months. The PMS symptoms are 10x worse. An occasional headache and vaginal dryness irritability and frequent mood swings. I'm always tired I've gained weight the sweet cravings at night are ridiculous. My husband and children have been very supportive understanding and patient. Thank God for them. I can only imagine what I've put them thru. It's a lot I know I can barely tolerate my own self and my symptoms. Let alone my loved ones putting up with me. God help me plzzzzz.

Posted by Zita Taylor | October 4, 2017 Report Violation

I am 51, I was experiencing a lot of the symptoms a lot of you all have described; but recently have gotten a lot of my symptoms to a minimal. I have did a Lot of searching to find alternative ways to deal with the many symptoms of menopause one of the best is to exercise walking/cardio 15-30mins a day which helps to lower anxiety/stress, and decrease hot flashes and improve insomnia, eating the right types of food and vegetables/fruit to balance hormones is very important I went online and found out the best foods to eat to help balance all 3 hormones, definite avoid sugars which increase symptoms of menopause, progesterone cream which balance hormones I used a natural progesterone cream called Kokoro progesterone many of us have estrogen dominance/high levels of testosterone and need the progesterone to balance the other 2 hormones, which has drastically improved my menopause symptoms. Carrots are a good source of balancing hormones lowering cortisol which causes a increase in anxiety, eating turkey, apples, broccoli, sweet potatoes, etc if u are unsure of your hormones levels have your hormones checked and start taking charge of your life and health, none of us have to endure these awful symptoms take the time to go online and find natural remedies for menopause, eat the right foods and exercise will improve a majority of symptoms. Hope all who read my comment will be inspired to take their life back and may Peace and Happiness find you. ~ Lynne

Posted by Lynne A | September 28, 2017 Report Violation

I am 40 . I has breast cancer with stage 3C and it's close to 5years I am finished with all my treatments. I think am under per menopause stage and its horrible. I keep getting the periods every 20days and they last longer and heavier. It's so annoying and I say am having all the 34 possible symptoms everyone are discussing about. It's more than 2 years I have been going through all this. My blood work and the ultrasound results says that am in the transition to menopause. Can anyone share if they have longer periods again and again.. I feel sick.. Thanks for your suggestions.

Posted by Vijaya | September 11, 2017 Report Violation

I too with the night sweats and burning tongue. It just started about a few weeks ago. I'm 44

Posted by Peggy | September 10, 2017 Report Violation

I am having quite a few of the symptoms. Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, muscle aching, joint aching. This is truly a pain. I just turned 49 years old. How long does this go on. I haven't had a period in about 4 months! This sucks!!

Posted by Cynthia Lyons | September 6, 2017 Report Violation

both my mum and grandma had early pre 40 menopause, both had menopause babies. my own symptoms began at 38, and a hormone test with my dr showed I was, in fact, going through early menopause. I am now 53, I am still having periods, and still at the same stage hormonally, I have anxiety, breast pain, PMs which ranges from murderous to suicidal, hot flushes and migraine almost daily. it has been 15 years now. is anyone else in my situation? I feel lost and desperate, and yes I had my menopause baby, he is 14

Posted by carole | August 12, 2017 Report Violation

I'm getting more days than not if anxious feelings, anxiety, teeth grinding, extreme fatigue, irritability and constant headaches that last for days. Has anyone got any advice. I'm thinking about HRT. I'm nearly 50 and have always been reasonably fit and healthy. I'm currently using sage and taking seven seas 50 + supplements.

Posted by Lesley Pearce | August 10, 2017 Report Violation

Am going through some heat in my body and my tongue my body feels hot from outside and inside too yes sometimes I have little problems sleeping also I get mood at time I don't have must feeling for sex but I can't take this heat in my body.

Posted by Auri cassasola | August 1, 2017 Report Violation

Hi Ladies just reading your messages on menopause makes me feel less alone. I have had 34 symtoms of the menopause and im at my witsend with the whole thing. The worst thing is the panic attacks and anxiety. Have been going through it for 12 years and symtoms have got worse. I have tried everything, but have to say accupuntre helped the panic, so think i need to go back. Lately i have had digestive problems with chest pain, which i think is acid reflux, who knows. Eat a healthy diet so you would think it would help. Any one else suffered with acid reflux? Will be glad when this nightmare is over its very depressing, so have know how you all feel. I will celebrate the day i wake up and feel me again, think my husband might be relieved too.

Posted by Jane | July 31, 2017 Report Violation

I've got nearly all these symptoms and they've got progressively worse over the last year,particularly the hot flushes and night sweats,I can't wait for it to be Over!

Posted by Heather | July 30, 2017 Report Violation

I have most of these and feel rubbish most of the time

Posted by Joanna Williams | July 28, 2017 Report Violation

I have or had almost every one of these symptoms. The worst was the pounding heartbeat only after visiting a cardiologist and hearing from him I was fine could I relax. I've been suffering with these symptoms for years now I really don't believe in hormone therapy so my doc prescribed a 20mg non-addictive med works wonders for the anxiety. Lots of fresh air and walking helps me tremendously. When the dizziness starts I try to focus on how I'm holding my head I never had vertigo in my life until premenopause and it's brutal but it does pass. The hot flashes are really the easiest part for me I have so many other symptoms that are by far worse. I just open the freezer door and laugh a bit after all this is a part of life and we all go through it one way or another be happy we're alive! ❤️

Posted by Cindy | July 22, 2017 Report Violation

I have a lot of the symptoms but the worst is the thinning and hair loss and just recently my breast are extremely tender. It even hurts when the water hits them in the shower! I am taking Aleve but it doesn't help much.

Posted by Dana | July 19, 2017 Report Violation

I believe it's wise to be informed and know the possible symptoms and to find comfort in the fact the you are NOT alone. However, I also believe it is unwise to claim and accept all the negative possibilities. Yes, everyone is created differently and yes, there is pain and suffering in this world - thank you Adam and Eve - but if you resign in your heart that it is inevitable that you will have a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad" menopause experience ... you have just opened the door for that very experience. You can speak words of life, healing, health and blessings or words of defeat, sickness, pain and suffering. Every time you refer to something as "my" you have claimed it. My night sweats, my depression, my anxiety ... these are real and we feel them but we don't have to own them. Walk by faith and not by sight. My kids were 7, 4 & 1 when their daddy/my husband died 14 years ago. We went through very lean years but when they asked for something I would answer, "We don't have the money for that right now, but someday we will!" ... Never sowed into the words "we're broke" or "we're poor" or we would have reaped that harvest. Same here - I will sow words of health and healing and thank the Lord for what I do have and remember that my "suffering" can never compare to the cross He bore for me. It's not fun or easy, I tell Him that too, but we can do it. My mum had much trouble getting through the whole process so I know first hand. I have my challenges to girls and it is definitely a relief to see I'm not "imagining" some of them! lol .. I want to encourage and uplift you all and pray for someone, or something, to come into your lives to bring comfort and bless you - in Jesus name. "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." Thessalonians 5:16-18

Posted by Lorisa | July 15, 2017 Report Violation

I have had the "burning tongue" sensation for over 3 months now. I hope this symptom doesn't last much longer!!!

Posted by Holly | July 11, 2017 Report Violation

Oo thank god for all this blogs tha we Get to read. It helps alot of us, omg I bn having all this symptoms since I was 38, now im 42 and it's the worst feeling ever. If I tell you I have all of the 34+ more symptoms. I ask my self when is this ever gonna end. I need help ASAP. Lady's wat are yall doing to help ease what we are going tru. Lol u name it i have it.

Posted by Yanet | July 10, 2017 Report Violation

Is shortness of breath a symptom of menopause

Posted by Cheryl | July 7, 2017 Report Violation

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