3rd Edition of To Move or Not to Move

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Are you a BC senior who has been wondering lately whether you should consider moving? Perhaps the maintenance of your current home is more difficult due to diminishing ability or energy. Or you may want a lifestyle that allows you more freedom and less responsibility. In either case, this book will help you ask the important questions and find the solution that is right for you.

For seniors, or families of seniors, this book is the ideal place to start asking the questions and discovering the answers.

COVER     No Remedy for Love

By many accounts, Liona is the first classical guitarist Canadians knew by name — often called the “First Lady of Guitar” — someone who introduced classical music to a 1960/70s generation that lauded rock ‘n’ roll in the decades before.

Since 1974, she has released 28 albums, won five Juno awards, and received the second highest honour for a Canadian, the Order of Canada.

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Before & After     Ann Auld Makeover Winner

Congratulations to Ann Auld, the second of three makeover contestants to undergo a transformation at the 55+ Lifestyle Show, held on March 21, 2017 in Victoria.

Ann’s career of providing academic supports to post-secondary students attending various programs allows her to meet fascinating people with extraordinary dreams.


Message from a Reader    

I thoroughly enjoyed this latest publication. I have kept quite a few of the articles, for myself as well as to share with others. My Danish sister-in-law, who lives in Edmonton, will love the “Finding Hyggee In Denmark” story, by James Ellsworth. I recently gave her a book on Hygge so this is timely. The Legacy Giving article by Amber Adams clearly talks about the types and timing of charitable donations. And Pat Nicol always connects - sharing her thoughts on living joyously.

Still more: Sharing Family Stories, by Diane Salter (I’ll be sharing this with my Mom, brothers and their wives) and I’m planning to buy Mike McCardell’s book: “None of This Was Planned”, as talked about in the article Lauren P. MacLellan contributed. And all of the other articles were meaningful too! The Angel For A Day, by Kate Robertson, is so very inspiring and encouraging - after reading what Diane Falk has done in the medical profession to help patients and their families.

So really, this entire magazine is full of valuable information about valuable people. I’m just feeling bad now because I’m not listing the rest of the terrific articles...but the good news is they are all online to read!

Thank you for presenting such quality contributions and feel-good reading.

Gail (Lovig) Eskelson
Fanny Bay

BLOG    The Powerful Purchasing Influence of 55+ Women

If you haven’t taken time lately to study who is buying your product or service, you may be surprised to discover that one of the most prominent drivers in today’s economy is women over the age of 55. If 55+ women are not on your marketing radar, now is the time to revise your strategy.   This is an opportunity too big to miss. Companies that fail to acknowledge the purchasing power of this demographic will find their market share eroded by those companies that make an effort to understand and meet the needs of this influential customer. READ MORE


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